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To submit your story first read the rules and regulations.

Rules, regulations and concept.

What is Miotasford?

Miotasford is a mythical land with a blank history and culture waiting to be written by free contributors to this site. This is not a new idea; other examples are Brigadoon by Alan Jay Lerner and Greyling Bay by Jane Smith.  

If you wish to contribute, your narrative can be any genre; mystic, romance or simple over the fence neighbourly banter. It can be from any time period, but be careful of potential conflicts with events and timings of other writers. The only exception to this rule is ‘The Meek’ by Phil Raynor – the reason is self-evident if you read the piece. Generally stories should be ‘stand alone’, unless it is a joint or team contribution. 

We do not accept anything that is deemed not suitable. By this we don’t mean grammatically perfect, although there is no proofing facility and all contributions are posted unedited, so try to achieve a good level of readability.

However your work must consist of more than just a descriptive narrative; it has to tell us something new and intriguing about Miotasford, possibly  introducing new characters, events and storylines. You may mention or interact with existing characters in Miotasford, created by other writers, but always remember Amateurwriters 7th commandment “Respect thy neighbour’s narrative” so you must not alter any character’s background, appearance or essential demeanour in any way, as this could have implications on the original narrative.



If you want to reproduce, copy or otherwise publish anything that you find here, you cannot do so without prior written or email confirmation from the original writer/artist. If you contact us through this site by email, we will do our best to put you in touch with the writer/artist, but we cannot guarantee that all the contributors will notify us when their email address changes, nor do we have any influence over any contributors, so it is each writer’s sole decision whether to give out any such permissions.

We accept no liability for anything published here. All work is accepted in good faith as entirely fictional and free from legal implications or restrictions. If you take exception to anything that you read here, all liability rests entirely with the original writer/artist of each piece.

When joining this community you must be willing to respect the sensibilities of other members and agree not to post submissions that would fall under the category of explicit, pornographic or offensive material. Vulgar language should be in context with the narrative. Wherever more than a small minority are offended for any reason you will be asked to edit or remove your writing.

No advertising whatsoever is permitted, no plagiarism and no references, direct or indirect, to real people, living or past, that could be deemed libellous, misleading or insulting.

The copyright remains the property of the author or artist, so you are free to publish your own work elsewhere. Please let us know where you achieve wider publication so that we can add references and links where appropriate and so that any successes, however small, are seen by other members. Please link your new publication back to this site, wherever possible, with an acknowledgement along the lines of "This piece first appeared on on (date)”. We in turn will post a reference to the publication and a link to your website - if any.  

What you are NOT free to do is to take any of the characters created here by anyone other than you, and write them into a piece for publication elsewhere. That would be plagiarism and might well attract legal action, from us and/or the creators of the characters, places or events concerned. Nor can you publish a piece of work anywhere else which is directly about Miotasford, as Miotasford is the creation of and therefore our copyright.

By ticking the box below to submit your work, you automatically confirm that you have read and agree to the terms and conditions stated here and elsewhere on the site. You also confirm that any writing or artwork, unless otherwise stated, is your own original work and that its rights are not tied up anywhere else. Also you grant us the rights to publish your work on ‘’ and you permit other writers to refer to and interact with your characters and stories uniquely on


Please write ‘Amateur Writers’ in the subject box.

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I wish to thank all writers who have contributed so far and a special thanks to Bryd Wynn, Phil Raynor and Jane Smith for their invaluable help.

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